A one-in-the-world tennis outfit PIKI
オリジナルテニスウェア 通販 PIKI


the concept

It’s not a brand “to be worn” for the logo, it’s the person who makes the brand. That is PIKI’s never-ending wish. Each customer has an irreplaceable personality. Even if you want your style to imitate your tennis, to smile like you, even if you got close, it’s still not you. That’s because there is only one you, a very important you, in this world. There’s always that great feeling when wearing something nice that shows off the body’s lines, an original, colorfully designed dress.I want to make that dress that only you will wear to play tennis and dazzle everyone.

Each piece is made one-at-a-time by hand, even if someone orders the same pattern and texture, both pieces will differ.For the one-of-a-kind you, there is a one-of-a-kind tennis outfit.

The day our outfit arrives at your door, there’s no greater happiness for us than if you smile at your image in its coat in front of your mirror.Even if we can’t see your smiling face at that moment, we make each piece wondering “who is going to wear this?” YOU are beautiful. We wish you fun, playful, and happy tennis. If we have the opportunity to help in that even a little, we are overjoyed. As always, thank you from the heart.

PIKI Products Design and Manufacture

Fourteen days after receiving the order, you will receive a one-in-the-world tennis outfit.
The production process is begun after receiving your order, so it will normally take 14 days to arrive. Because the merchandise is hand drawn one by one, even if the pattern and the material are the same, the design will vary. The outfit you receive will be one of a kind.

For Newcomers

Special Product Points
Each piece is handmade one at a time. Therefore, the actual color and pattern may vary slightly. The pictures on this site are actual images of finished products. We’re looking forward to your order!

About the Designer

Head PIKI Designer:Ranko Suzuki
Ranko is a native of Tokyo who worked for seven years in a large box foreign sports apparel maker. She wanted to design tennis apparel and began the company to create not a logo brand, but a frame with simple lines that show off the player’s body beautifully with colors and patterns. This is how PIKI was founded. Ranko has played tennis for about 14 years and especially enjoys playing with the sunset in the background.

About the Company

PIKI began selling original tennis outfits through mail order in March of 2008.The name PIKI comes from the Hawaiian word “peachy. Beautiful, vibrant, loving women are the image of a peach, and we would love those women to wear our outfits. The logo is made from images of brightly colored flowers from warmer climates. PIKI’s style truly represents PIKI.
Our concept is we want to make YOU the brand. We have been fervently working on this since we first began in 2003 and have not stopped yet. And we have no intention of stopping now.
Thank you for stopping by.
Company Name:PIKI
Founder:Ranko Suzuki
Address:4-35-19-302 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-ku Tokyo 156-0044 Japan
Mail: info@pikitennis.com

Contact Us!

For more detailed information on our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pikitennis.com

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